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365 exercices de Quilting Libre à la machine

Pour bien maitriser le quilting libre à la machine,
voici un site  ou vous trouverez 

à faire 1 par jour!!!


leur blog avec les vidéos de chaque dessin:

Day  Style Designs
The Free Motion Quilting Filler Project

Click  on  the designs for more information and video tutorial on how  to quilt  it!

free motion quilting | quilt quilting
Shadow Waves
free motion quilting | quilt designs
Etch n' Sketch
free motion quilting | quilt design
Gentle Flames
free motion quilting | quilt design
Swirling Flames
free motion quilting | quilt design
Basic Spiral
free motion quilting | quilt design
Echo Shell
free motion quilting | quilt design
Echo Rainbow
free motion quilting | quilt design
Fern Filler
free motion quilting | quilt design
Henna Fooffy
free motion quilting | quilt design
Sashiko Shell
free motion quilting | quilt design
Swirling Bananas
free motion quilting | quilt design
Tree Roots
free motion quilting | quilt design
Wandering Clover
free motion quilting | quilt design
Circuit Board
free motion quilting | quilt design
Flowing Glass
free motion quilting | quilt design
Brain Coral
free motion quilting | quilt design
free motion quilting | quilt design
Spiral Chain
free motion quilting | quilt design
free motion quilting | quilt design
Tree Bark

et ses vidéos: ici

Vous pouvez aussi 
leurs CD

avec les leçons

et autres produits

pour le quilting libre !!!

Quilting<br> | Free Motion Quilting
and Cutting Fabric
Quilting | Free Motion Quilting
Quilt Piecing
Quilting | Free Motion Quilting
The  Basics of
Machine Quilting
Quilting | Free Motion Quilting
Free Motion Quilting
Quilting<br> | Free Motion Quilting
Quilt  Binding and Finishing
Quilting | Free Motion Quilting
Miscellaneous  Quilting and Crafting Videos

et autres articles:
Articles  on Preparing and
Cutting Quilting Fabrics
           How              to Make a Quilt - Read through a basic overview of  making              a quilt and watch videos on getting your first quilt  started.
To              Prewash or not to Prewash: That is the question! -  No one              likes to bother with prewashing fabric, but bleeding colors  and a              ruined quilt can definitely change your tune!
How              to Prewash Fabric - Watch a quick video on  prewashing your              quilting fabric and read tips on how to make this chore  quicker and              easier.
How              to Iron and Starch Your Quilting Fabrics -  Prewashing and              Ironing your quilting fabric can seem like a real chore so  learn how              to lighten your load with time saving tips for starching  your quilting              fabrics!
How              to Build a Hard Ironing Board - Learn how to build  your own              ironing board that will be harder and more stable than  anything you              can buy in a store.
Square              Your Fabric - Wish you could cut your fabric in a  perfectly              straight line? Learn how to square up your fabric so that  you get              straigh cuts every time!
Quilting              Supplies Needed for Accurate Fabric Cutting - Learn  more about              supplies and tools you need to cut out your quilts precisely  every              time in this video created by Leah Day.
How              to Cut Quilting Fabrics with a Rotary Cutter -              Learn how to use your rotary cutter to cut your quilting  fabrics into              perfect pieces. Incorrect cutting is the #1 reason why seams  don't              match!
How              to Cut Fabric Scraps for Quilting and Sewing Projects -  Sometimes              you will end up with a lot of odd shapes and sizes of fabric  scraps.              Learn how to properly cut scraps correctly into usable  shapes.

Quilt Piecing Instructions and

Quilting              Tools Needed to Piece Quilt Blocks by Machine -              Piecing your fabric together requires only a few more tools  and notions.              Get everything you need so you can get your quilt together  quickly.
Quilting              Tools Needed to Piece Quilt Blocks by Hand - Not  into the              idea of being strapped to a sewing machine? Learn what  notions you              need for piecing blocks by hand in small projects you can  take anywhere.
Piecing              a Basic 9 Patch Block - Learn how to piece the most  basic              of quilting blocks perfectly with matching seams.
The              Basics of Strip Piecing a Quilt - You don't have to  waste              time cutting out millions of little squares just to sew them  all back              together again! Learn how to strip piece your quilts so that  they              take less time, but still look great.
How              to Make Half Square Triangles Video Demonstration -  Triangles              can be tricky! Learn how to piece them perfectly with a  little help              from this video demonstration.
Paper              Piecing Instructions - Learn how to paper piece a  simple boat              block with this video demonstration by Leah Day.

The              Basics of Machine Quilting

Quilting              Tools You Need for Basting and Quilting Your Quilt -  Learn              about the basic supplies you'll need to have in order to  baste and              then quilt your first quilt.
Choosing              the Best Batting for Your Quilts - After all the  money you've              invested in your quilt with tools, fabric, and thread, you  now need              to chuck out even more money for batting! Learn why this is  one step              you shouldn't skimp on either.
Introduction               to Free Motion Quilting - Want to get started free  motion              quilting? Learn how to break free of your walking foot and  what other              materials you will need to quilt like a pro!

Free Motion Quilting

Introduction               to Free Motion Quilting - Want to get started free  motion              quilting? Learn how to break free of your walking foot and  what other              materials you will need to quilt like a pro!
365              Days of Free Motion Quilting Filler Designs -  Looking for              new free motion designs to add to your quilts? Check out  Leah's new              project: designing and quilting a new free motion stitch  every day              for the next year!
Free               Motion Quilting How to Keep Your Lines Even -  Quilting straight              lines in free motion can be tricky. Get tips and tricks from  Leah              in this demonstration video.
5              Tips for Beginners - Just getting started with Free  Motion              Quilting? Get some tips from Leah on to keep your stitches  even and              cosistent and your speed under control.
Quilting              Machine Setup - You can quilt any quilt, even king  sized quilts,              on a domestic sewing machine if you follow Leah's advice on  setting              up your tables and sewing station with the right tools and  supplies.
3               Videos On Quilting Machine Setup - Check out the 3  different              videos on what Leah uses in her quitling space and how to  setup you              rmachien most efficiently.
Skipped               Stitches - This is a very common problem for machine  quilters.              Learn how to combat it with a variety of tips and tricks  that Leah              uses on a daily basis.
How              to Hide Your Quilting Threads - Stop  clipping              your threads off! Learn how to hide your threads inside your  quilt              properly and quickly with a cheater needle.
Quilting               Machine Conundrum - Learn about all the machines  Leah has              owned and why she feels like the best setup is to have one  machine              for free motion quilting and one machine for everythine  else.
Stippling              and Microstippling - Learn about the most popular  free motion              quilting stitch and watch 2 videos on how to stitch this  both wide              and loose and very tight and dense.
McTavishing               - Discover a stitch developed by Karen              McTavish and watch a video tutorial so you can try  it yourself!
Pebbling              - Possibly one of the richest textures in the quilting  world, learn              about pebbling and how beautifully it can fill the surface  of your              quilts.
Paisley              - This is 4th most popular quilting filler and one of the  easiest              to master. Watch how to quilt it with a video tutorial by  Leah Day.
Reverse               Shadow Trapunto Explained - Learn more about this  new technique              Leah used in the creation of her Winter Wonderland quilt.

Quilt Binding and Finishing

Blocking               Your Quilt - Once your quilt is completely quilted,  it's time              to get it ready to hang on a wall or drape on your bed.  Learn how              to block and square your quilt so it always looks perfect.

How              to Attach Quilt Binding by Machine Part 1 - Learn  how to cut              your binding strips and seam them together.
How              to Attach Quilt Binding by Machine Part 2 - Watch  how to attach              binding to your quilt, turn corners, and finish flawlessly.
How              to Attach Quilt Binding by Machine Part 3 - Finish  your binding              perfectly with a buttonhole stitch and mitered corners.

Miscellaneous Quilting and
Crafting Demonstrations

How              to Make a Quilted Jacket - Learn how to make a  beautiful jacket              that doesn't make you look like a snowman! Use Leah's  technique for              finishing your seams for a perfect double sided garment.
Do              You Really Need to Use Fabric Crayons? - Watch a  video demonstration              of Leah showing the difference between fabric crayons and  regular              crayons.

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