mercredi 23 mars 2011

Quilts pour le Japon, à envoyer à mon amie, Atsuko Ohta

(crédit photo Smaranda BOURGERY, merci de ne pas utiliser cette photo sans mon autorisation)!

J'ai reçu aujourd'hui un mail de la part  de mon amie japonaise Atsuko OHTA ou elle me parle de sa ville Tokyo , des tremblements de terre et de la peur provoquée par la centrale nucléaire. Elle m'a envoyé également un projet de collecte de quilts pour les enfants.
Il y a en ce moment,sur le net,  beaucoup de projets semblables, je pense que c'est très bien, plus on est nombreux à les faire connaître, plus il y aura des quilts pour les enfants japonais, qui ont perdu leur maison.
Si vous lisez cet article merci de penser à eux , d'envoyer un quilt ou au moins de transmettre l'information sur votre blog ou dans votre club ou association.
Envoyer votre quilt à cette adresse:

Yasutoshi Kishimoto
c/o Brother Sales Ltd.
4th floor, 3-3-8 Kyobashi,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan    

Projet à traduire avec google 
(faire un copié-collé du texte en anglais et le traduire sur ce lien:, 
Merci d'avance, 
Let’s support the earthquake victims by making quilts!
Massive earthquakes occurred in Tohoku and Kanto areas in Japan on March 11.
We’ve been deeply troubled by the overwhelming damage in these areas.
We’d like to do something for the disaster victims and concluded that the best thing
we, quilters can do is to make quilts for them because quilts comfort people by their softness and colors as well as being useful for warming. In such devastated satiations, it would be wonderful to have a soft, cuddly quilt.
We’d appreciate your help to support the sufferers who lost their family, home or everything.

Here are the guidelines for making quilts for them.
size: 1m x 1.2m
There are no rules about the design, technique and material for top.
For the backing, please use soft flannel or double gauze.
You may find these as material for babies.
If you tie your quilt, please use only thread, without buttons or beads, etc.
in order to avoid babies’ accidentally swallow.
Please avoid plastic basting fasteners for basting and invisible thread for quilting.
If you include your message, please write it on a 15cm x 10cm piece of white fabric and sew it on the back side of your quilt.
Quilts don’t have to be new. Quilts you made before are welcome if they are clean, without torn, blot, etc. When you send your quilt at hand, you don’t need to follow the above guidelines.
We’d appreciate your sharing this project with your quilting friends.
By the end of July, please send quilts to:
Yasutoshi Kishimoto
c/o Brother Sales Ltd.
4th floor, 3-3-8 Kyobashi,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan     (phone:+81-3-3273-0231)

Please cover the shipping and understand we cannot send the receipt to each.

We’ll deliver your quilts to the sufferers responsibly.
Thank you very much for your help !
Quilts for the sufferers from the Great East Japan Earthquake Project
Sumiko Minei, Sayoko Fujii, Satsuki Okamoto, 
Atsuko Ohta
Sewing Center JOY, Brother Sales, Ltd, Moda Japan, Island Quilts 2000

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